General Games Rules

  • Players must be 18 years old to register and play on ESP.
  • Players must live in a jurisdiction where online gambling is legal.
  • Users must have sufficient funds in their account balance before wagers will be accepted.

Breach of Rules

  • ESP reserves the right to terminate any customer that has breached the rules of the site without warning.
  • Instances where a customer would be disqualified immediately would include but not be limited to:
    • Fraud
    • Money laundering
    • Setting up multiple user accounts
    • Threatening or harassing other users
  • Instances where a customer may receive a warning first:
    • Threatening or harassing other users

Specific Game Rules

ESP Fantasy

1. What is it?

ESP Fantasy is an eSports fantasy league game that allows both hardcore fans and casual spectators to participate. Our fantasy leagues add intrigue and excitement to watching your favourite eSports.

Rack up the most points at the end of a league and walk away with bragging rights and sweet prizes. Make your picks and add some excitement to your eSports experience.

Our fantasy leagues are simple to play:

Choose your players and create your team

Pick your players and don't forget to set the tiebreaker to complete your team.

Rack up points

Scoring is dependent on the game type.

See how your team stacks up

You must be signed up on our site to participate in our pools.

2. Fantasy Scoring

You gain or lose points based on the actions made by players during matches of the league’s respective event.

  Kill Headshot Assist Death
CS:GO +1 pt +1 pt +1 pt -1 pt
Dota 2 +1 pt   +1 pt -1 pt
LoL +1 pt   +1 pt -1 pt
HotS +1 pt   +1 pt -1 pt

3. Tiebreakers

Do not forget to set your tiebreaker at the bottom of the picks screen!

The tiebreaker is away for us to rank players that have identical scores. Our tiebreaker system is done by inputting the number of seconds the fist kill happens in the final game of that league. For example, we have Best of 5 Grand Finals that results in a 3-1 score line for the winning team. The final map will be game 4 (as game 5 will not be played). Each game does have slightly different tiebreak properties, which can be found next to the tiebreaker input box on the player picks page.

If two or more participants are still tied, ranking between those participants is ordered by the time of joining the league, from earliest (highest rank) to latest (lowest rank).


For CS:GO the tiebreaker will be the number of seconds after the start of the first round of the final map of the event to first kill. For example, the first kill of the entirety of the final map happened at 0:37 on the round timer. The tiebreaker for this whole event will then be 78: [1:55 start timer (115 seconds) minus 0:37 (37 seconds) = 78 seconds]. We do not consider knife rounds (rounds that determine sides) to be the first round and as a result will not be used for the tiebreaker value.


For Dota 2 we count the seconds based off of when the game timer reads 0:00. It should be noted that due to the nature of the game, there is also a countdown timer to consider – that is, the game does not begin at 0:00, but rather at -1:30. In the event that a kill occurs before the game timer hits 0:00 (i.e. when the first creep wave spawns) then the tiebreaker will result in a negative value. For example, if a team fight breaks out at 0:37 before the creeps spawn at 0:00, then the tiebreaker will be -37.

It should also be noted that there are technically two 0:00 timers (-0.02, -0:01, 0:00, 0:01, 0:02). However we will consider them as a singular value.

League of Legends

For League of Legends we count the seconds based off of when the game timer reads 0:00. Unlike DotA 2, the clock in League of Legends begins at 00:00 as soon as the game begins. This effectively means that the tiebreaker is the time it takes from the start of the match to the first kill.

Pari Mutuel Betting

Pool betting involves placing a stake on one of two (or more) outcomes for a given event.

The events can be single maps or matches between two players or teams, or could be the outcome of an entire event. For example “Which of these sixteen teams team will the whole event”.

In the case of a two choice outcome, i.e. “team A vs team B” you can choose one of two sides to place a wager on to win. Your winnings are calculated as a percentage of the total wager on the team you chose. That percentage is your winning (minus the rake) from the opposing option(s).

When there are more than two outcomes to choose from, the winnings are the sum of all the losing outcomes bar the single correct one minus the rake.

Pool bets that do not end in a single outcome (i.e. draws or canceled) are refunded without a rake being taken.

Example 1.

In a BO3 wager, there are two teams, so two possible outcomes. Ten users wager on the two teams, each user wagering €2.00 on each team. In this example Team A wins, thus:

  Team A % of pool Team B % of pool Win
Player 1 €2.00 20     €3.80
Player 2 €2.00 20     €3.80
Player 3 €2.00 20     €3.80
Player 4 €2.00 20     €3.80
Player 5 €2.00 20     €3.80
Player 6     €2.00 20 lose
Player 7     €2.00 20 lose
Player 8     €2.00 20 lose
Player 9     €2.00 20 lose
Player 10     €2.00 20 lose
  €10.00 100% €10.00 100% €19.00

Rake = 10%.

User winnings = (total winnings - rake) / percent of winning option for each user (20% each in this example).

€10 - 10% / 20% = €1.80.
Return to Players 1 though 5, wager + winnings = €2.00 + €1.80 = €3.80.

Example 2.

As in Example 1 above, a BO3 wager, there are two teams, so two possible outcomes. Ten users wager on the two teams, each wagering a different amount on each team. In this example Team A wins again, thus:

  Team A % of pool Team B % of pool Win
Player 1 €5.00 29.85     €3.80
Player 2 €5.50 32.83     €3.80
Player 3 €1.00 5.97     €3.80
Player 4 €2.00 11.95     €3.80
Player 5 €3.25 19.40     €3.80
Player 6     €4.00 17.50 lose
Player 7     €4.10 17.94 lose
Player 8     €3.75 16.42 lose
Player 9     €10.00 43.76 lose
Player 10     €1.00 4.38 lose
  €16.75 100% €22.85 100% €20.57

Rake = 10% = €22.85 * 0.1 = €2.28.
Winnings to distribute = €22.85 - €2.28 = €20.57

User winnings = (total winnings - rake) / percent of winning option for each user.

Example 3.

In the above examples, there are two teams and one winner. In the case of an event wide bet “Who of these 10 teams will win”, there are 10 options, but still one unique outcome. So the users that choose the 9 losing teams, will lose their wagers and the winnings be distributed to the users who chose the winning team. The same logic is used for the winners percentage take of the winnings based on their percentage wager relative to others choosing the winning outcome.

Virtual Goods Games

We offer some games that allow users to use their own in game virtual goods (skins) to play and win prizes. We may not support all publishers virtual goods so please check the site to see which ones can be deposited.

You can enter virtual goods games with either items you have won on the site that will be deposited into your ‘Inventory’ or linking your game account to the site and deposit your own items.

Skin Jackpot

A skin jackpot is played between two or more entrants who deposit virtual goods for a chance to win all the items (minus a rake) from the pot.

When a skin jackpot is created a winning percentage number is chosen to ensure the system is provably fair. The number is generated with a tested and certified random number generator.

The dollar value of each item is used to calculate the percentage ownership of the pot. Each skin is broken down into a number of entries each valued at €0.01.

Once all entries have been created (all wagers are placed and the countdown completes) the entrant that has the winning percentage number that was previously decided is the winner. ESP takes the item or items that are closest to 10% of the total pot value.

Virtual goods won will be placed into your inventory and can be withdrawn at any time. They cannot be converted into cash.